Packaging devices intended for 10kg to 50kg packages

1. Packing device for coal, sand, wood pellets and other materials in packages from 20 to 50kg.

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Performance: from 3.5 t/h (for 20-kg packages) up to 7 t/h (for 50-kg packages) depending on operator dexterity.

Maximum dosing error: 1% for coal and 0.25% for finer substances.
The dosing process is achieved using a belt with adjustable speed.
Condensed air is not required (there are no pneumatic components).

2. Fine Granulated or Powder Substance Packaging Devices

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These devices are intended for use in the pharmaceutical industry. Any surface coming in direct contact with the substance to package is made of stainless steel AISI 316.

Productivity: up to 2.5 tons/hour for 20kg. packages.

Maximum dosing error: 25g.

The dosing process is achieved through utilizing a series of valves.

3. Grain and Fodder Packaging Device.


Productivity: approximately 6 tons/hour for 40kg. packages.

4. Bran Packaging Device.
HPIM2781 HPIM2798

The dosing mechanism consists of a single screw conveyor with controllable cycles.

Productivity: approximately 3 tons/hour for 30kg. packages.

5. Powder Substance Packaging Device.