The controller is used for dosing of compounds containing up to 8 materials (supports prescription dosing with up to 100 prescriptions in the controller’s memory). The controller is intended primarily for management of packaging machinery.

Technical characteristics:

External dimensions: 144 x 72 x 140mm.
Power supply: from 187 to 242VAC, 50 ± 1 Hz.
– working: from -5 to 40°C;
– storage: from -20 to 50°C.
Class of protection: IP20. The controller is intended to be mounted on a panel, providing highest class of protection (at least IP54). It is possible to reach protection of class IP66.

Input for load cells:

– ADC type: sigma-delta modulation, 19 bits (524288 units);
– measurement: proportional linear;
– range: up to 3.5 mV/V;
– way of load cells connection: six wired;
– frequency of measurement: 25 or 50Hz (in 40 or 20mS);
– grade of filtration: eligible from the user program;
– temperature drift:
– zero drift (without zero-tracking): up to 2 ppm/°C;
– sensitivity drift: up to 1 ppm/°C.
– galvanic insulation – not less than 500VDC / pic AC.

Excitation Supplies:

– voltage: AC 5V p/p;
– current: up to 100mA (to 50Ω equivalent resistance).

Communication interface:

– RS485 or RS232 (upon request);
– galvanic insulation – not less than 500VDC / pic AC;
– speed: adjustable from 4.8 to 115.2 kbps;

Analogue output (option):

– 16 bits resolution;
– accuracy: better than 0.05%;
– selectable ranges: 0 – 5V, 0 – 20mA, 4 – 20 mA, 0 – 24 mA;
– programmable range (weight for 100% of the range);
– program setup of the offset and the transmitting coefficient.

Discrete inputs:

– 8 pcs. (6 pcs. in a configuration with an analogue output);
– input voltage of activation: from 12 to 30V DC;
– load current: up to 10mA on 24V;
– internal power source of 24V DC unstable.

Discrete outputs:

– 8 pcs., type ‘open collector’, 24VDC commutated (4 pcs. in a configuration with an analogue output);
– for switching of DC voltage loads up to 30VDC;
– switched current: up to 250mA per output.

The discrete inputs and outputs are positioned on an additional module in the controller. (There is an option for this additional module to be equipped with an analogue output, 6 DI and 4 DO). They use a common power source for 24V and they have a mixed negative pole (common mass). Altogether they are galvanically insulated from the load cell input and the communication interface for a voltage not less than 500VDC / pic AC.


– left section – two grades for showing the current status of Program A, or additional information in case the program is not running:
– weight in the zero zone;
– accepted tare;
– scale not stabilized;
– view of memorized weight;
– right section – six grades for showing measured weight (or number of measured objects), or values selected with the controller function.


– button for resetting ‘-0-‘;
– button with eligible function ‘*’;
– 4 functional buttons.

Functional options:

– free selectable (programmable) external units;
– programmable grades of the shown weight;
– programmable ranges;
– digital scale setup;
– auto zero-tracking programmable;
– counting mode;
– execution of two user programs (A and B);
– option for rough and fine dosing of more than one material (prescription dosing of up to 8 components) with use of 16 weighing options;
– option for dosing with increasing or decreasing of weight (filling or emptying);
– option for tracking the flow (trans-flow);
– specific options providing a adequate execution of a dosing process;
– archiving of passes quantities:
– 10 counters ‘with resetting’ (accumulation of weight and number of portions);
– 10 counters ‘without resetting (accumulation of weight and number of portions);
– time archive of the last executions, by material.
All data and archives of the controller are kept for a period of 5 years minimum without voltage consummation. Reduction in power supply does not lead to collapse in the started process!

Programming equipment for the PC has been designed for the controller under Windows OS.