Hpim0329 PC009-3




The controller is intended for supporting a parameter by PID regulation with parallel searching of additional 4 analogue quantities. At present, two applications are developed.

Control of the power supply material from a breaker:

A typical application of the controller is to control a hammer breaker, where the consumed current is supported by controlling the flow of the fed material together with the control of four temperatures. Two versions of the software are developed depending on the way the material is fed:

– Feeding the material by a feed screw. In this case, the revolutions of the feed screw are controlled by an inverter. The controller executes the control by its analogue output supplied as a managing signal towards the inverter;
– Feeding the material by a pneumatic controlled charging valve. In this case, the controlling signals are two relay outputs showing the direction of the charging valve movement. The analogue output is not used.

For current measurement of the breaker an additional converter mounted onto a current transformer can be used.

The controller has an option for additional searching of four temperatures:
– two temperatures of the bearings of the breaker motor;
– temperature of the motor body;
– temperature of the breaker body.
For the temperature measurement semiconductor sensors LM50 are used.

For every measured quantity two threshold values are set:
– ‘orange deviation’ – when reaching the threshold value (for current or temperature) the controller stops the material feeding towards the breaker until the measured value is normalized;
– ‘red deviation’ – when passing above the threshold value (for current or temperature) the controller stops the breaker.

The controller executes algorithms for switching on (input signal at ‘triangle’ mode of the motor) and stopping of the breaker (time for emptying, without material feed).

Control of power supply with material from the
pneumatic transport:

The application is similar to the previous one as the differences are the following:
– control of the lock revolutions which feed the material towards the injection pneumatic transport;
– a converter is used for pressure measurement in the highway in a free of material area (at the output of the air outlet);
– the lock revolutions are controlled (by the inventor), so the set pressure is maintained.
Technical characteristics:

Power supply:

from 187 to 242V AC, 50 ± 2 Hz.


– working: from -5 to 40° C ;
– storage temperature: from – 20 to 50° C.

Class of protection: IP20.

The controller is intended to be mounted on a panel, providing highest class of protection (at least IP54).

Analogue inputs:

– 4pcs. for temperature measurement with semiconductor sensors. Range: 0 – 2.5 V. Threshold values: from – 0.3 to 5.3V DC;
– 1pc. differential input with a range 0 – 40mA. Input resistance – 49.9 ohms. Threshold value of the current – up to 200mA.
– 12 bits resolution.

Analogue output:

– ranges: 0 – 5V, 0 – 20mA, 4 – 20mA, 0 – 24mA;
– 16 bits resolution.

Discrete inputs:

– 2pcs.;
– input voltage for activation: 15 – 30V DC.

Discrete outputs:

– 4pcs. Relay, normally open contacts, with a common end.

Communication interface:

– RS485;
– ASCII protocol (not the same as Modbus ASCII);
– galvanic insulated (not less than 500V DC / pic AC);
– speed: adjustable from 0.6 to 57.6 kbps.
Control algorithms, discrete and analogue functions are described in a passport supplied together with the controller for the specific application.