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The controller is designed for the management of the scavenging of bag filters. It creates impulses with changeable duration during a changeable period of time. The impulses (24V DC) go through magnet valves in turns. The number of valves can be changed. The maximum number of valves is 32. If the number is higher than 16 an additional module is mounted in the controller.

The controller sends a signal (a relay output) when it is active. This signal can be used for the control of the rotor valve (the slide gate) under the filter or as an information signal to a control system of a higher level.

Before the definitive end of the work the controller continues the management of a changeable number of cleaning cycles. All valves are cleaned once through one cleaning cycle.

Two signals are used to activate the controller:

– RUN – when this signal is sent the controller starts working normally;

– FAN – this signal can initiate a cleaning cycles program (the final stage of the work).

There are two ways to initiate the cleaning cycles:
– by the FAN signal. When this signal is sent the controller initiates the set number of cleaning cycles. After the end of the cleaning process the control stops and a message ‘OFF’ appears on the controller display. Under these conditions if the ‘RUN’ signal drops off the controller immediately stops the control (a message ‘STOP’ appears on the display);

– only by a ‘RUN’ signal. In this work regime only the ‘RUN’ signal is used. When it is sent the controller works normally. When the signal drops off the controller initiates the set number of cleaning cycles. After the cleaning process is over a message ‘STOP’ appears on the controller display.

Technical characteristics:

Power supply:
from 187 to 242V AC, 50 ± 2 Hz.

– work: from -10 to 40°C;
– storage: from -20 to 50°C.

Class of protection: IP65.

Discreet inputs (for work regimes):
– 2 units;
– input voltage for initiation: 11 ÷ 30V DC;
– range: up to 3.5 mV/V;
– way of load cells connection: six wired;
– the voltage produced by the controller is sent to the inputs through ‘dry’ surface plugs (free of potential).

Discrete outputs (valve control):

– up to 16 pcs. open collector outputs for direct control over 16 valves. The outputs transmit 24V DC to the valve coils. They can withstand a short circuit for 1s. every 20s.;
– another wiring diagram is used for control over 16-65 valves;
– 1 relay output (2A / 220V) is switched on during operation.

Valve power supply:
– 24V DC, not stabilized;
– power 24VA (this is the maximum capacity that the valves can have).